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ADTRW rewrites the classic website Wikipedia; in this version, Wikipedia not only wields a comprehensive editing suite but also some anime recommendations.

This wiki has been set up for members of the forum to recommend their favourite anime and manga series to each other. This site is not affiliated with SomethingAwful LLC.

New to anime? Begin here

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Old but want something new? Check out the goon-rated shows of yesterday.

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The purpose of this wiki is:

  • To maintain a database of the opinions of and recommendations for anime and manga of SA members.
  • For people new to the forum/anime in general to be able to search a series and find other series they think they might like.
  • To cut down on endless threads saying "I liked x so will I like y?
  • To stay competitive with those jerks in the other subforums.

Main Pages

  • Index - The main listing you can find all series in.
  • Template - This is the basic template used when creating a series. Click 'View Source' at the top of the page and copy/paste the code into the page you want to create. This will be used until custom forms are implemented. Feel free to add things to pages as you can improve them, but please keep the basic outline you see in that page.
  • Editing - A short rundown of the editing code usable in Mediawiki.
  • Sandbox - SAS had a good idea and be damned if I'm not going to steal it. Test your wiki-code here.
  • Useful Links - Some links to other useful sites that can help you find what you want.


2017-11-10: Disabled registrations. -Nulani

2016-07-12: Upgraded Mediawiki. Let me know of any problems -Nulani

2016-01-20: Enabled HTTPS. -Nulani

2016-01-20: Upgraded Mediawiki and replaced AreYouHuman with ReCaptcha. Let me know of any problems. -Nulani

2010-05-27: User rights management has been fixed and approved users can once again create and edit pages. -Pierson