3x3 Eyes

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3x3 Eyes

Original Manga Yuzo Takeda
Director Daisuke Nishio(1st OVA), Kazuhisa Takenouchi and Kiyoko Sayama(2nd OVA)
Format Anime (OVA), Manga
Made By Toei(1st), Studio Junio(2nd)
Episode Length 30 min.(1st), 45 min.(2nd)
# of Episodes/Volumes 4(1st), 3(2nd), 40 Vol.(manga)


Action, Fantasy, Horror

Sum it up in a Sentence:

An immortal three eyed demon decides she doesn't want to be immortal anymore, and enlists the help of a young man working in a gay bar to attain mortality.

Main Description

When a cute girl dressed in rags and bearing an odd staff shows up at Yakumo Fuuji's place of employment, speaking Chinese and bearing a note from his long lost archaeologist father, he doesn't quite know what to think. His confusion is compounded when he reads the letter from Dad, who claims that the girl, who's name is Pai, is a member of the Sanjinhan Unkara, a now extinct race of three eyed demons with tremendous power, that she is the last of her kind, that he promised he would find a way to make her human, and that in the event of his death she would be referred to Yakumo. Of course, Yakumo, being an ordinary high school student, is having none of this, thinking it all to be some hoax, and initially tries to refer her elsewhere. But when a thief makes off with Pai's belongings and releases a demon which goes on a rampage, Yakumo finds that it is in fact very true. And then the demon kills him, and Pai, in order to save his life, takes his soul and bonds it to hers, making him a Wu, a sort of immortal zombie, and giving him a vested interest in giving Pai humanity, since that is the only way he can become mortal again. And thus do the adventures into the dark side of myth begin.

3x3 Eyes, or Sanzan Eyes in the Japanese, is a long running fantastic manga which ran in Young Magazine from 1987 to around mid-2003. The series dealt with the journeys of Yakumo and Pai through Japan, Tibet, the Middle East, South America, and beyond, dealing with dark magics, demons and monsters both friendly and decidedly not, and of course Yakumo and Pai's budding relationship. The OVA and its sequel are extremely truncated adaptations of events from only the first few volumes, and while the manga enjoyed release in at least 10 other countries outside Japan, only eight volumes have been released by Dark Horse in America, and it is unknown if more volumes will follow.

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