Black Lagoon

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Black Lagoon
Black lagoon.jpg
Original Manga Rei Hiroe
Director Sunao Katabuchi
Format Anime (TV), Manga
# of Episodes 24(two seasons) and 5 OVAs
# of Volumes 7


Action, Girls with Guns, Recommended Dub

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Americans, Chinese, Russians, Nazis, Neo Nazis, Cartels, South American super maids, Triad, Islamic terrorists, slutty Thais, stoned Irish, Romanian psychopaths, Italians, Indian counterfeiters, dozens of sadistic mercenaries, Texas cowboys, CIA, Yakuza and NUNS, all trying to kill each other.

Main Description

Rokuro Okajima was an ordanary Japanese businessman, working for Asahi Industries in Tokyo until one day in 1995 he is taken hostage by a group of pirates known as Lagoon company. During his capture he is dubbed with the nickname "Rock" and learns that his superiors have no regard for his life and wish him an honorable death. On that sea, Rokuro Okajima the businessman dies and "Rock" the pirate is born.

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Personal Opinions


If you're looking for realistic gun fights you are watching the wrong medium. If you are a fan of cheesy 90s action movies, then this show is your holy grail. This show does an excellent job of creating characters that you give a shit about and leaving enough room for high intensity action scenes. As far as over-the-top action goes in anime, this is hard to beat and by the time you are done watching the series, there will be a .50 calibre hole in your appetite yearning for more.


I like this show. I like watching a nun with an eyepatch blow up a car using her custom, gold-plated Desert Eagle. I like crazy gun fights involving a bar, a bunch of thugs, and a maid. I like watching a boat ramp off of another boat to torpedo an Apache helicopter in midair. There really isn't any deep analysis needed here. Animation by Madhouse. It's good.


Black Lagoon simply just kick too much ass. It provides non stop action yet doesn't skimp on character development. I actually recommend watching this dubbed because the English voice acting is simply excellent. The dub not only feature really good voice acting and directing but it also adds a lot more swearing which really adds to the atmosphere, and it fixes all the broken Engrish and Japanese Spanish.


Black Lagoon is better at what it does than most Hollywood productions, especially in terms of providing excellent action sequences and a decent amount of character development. No, you probably won't find anything truly new, but you'll still have a lot of fun.


This is a really kick ass show with characters that have just the right amount of anime-ridiculousness in the action scenes while at the same time, they're people you can care about and really get behind as they fight for their life and interact with each other. Highly recommended.


This show kicks a hilarious amount of ass through entirely over the top action held together by a colorful and psychopathic cast of characters. It's incredibly fun to watch without getting stupid, and at times briefly touches upon the twisted inner workings of some very frightening and likable individuals. It's worth noting that even if you prefer subs, the English dub of this series is excellent and really adds an appropriate level of extra vulgarity.


Badass show. Not for children! This is a great intro show for adult-oriented anime. You can show your friends without shame.


Anime's homage to 90s anti-hero action flicks. The dynamic characters of the Lagoon Company blast, crash and smash their way through the criminal underbelly of the South Pacific in this brutal shooting-spree. The intense heavy-metal soundtrack kicks almost as much ass as the large, diverse, well-realized cast of characters. The detailed animation brings depth and realism to the bullet-riddled streets of Roanapur. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


Guns, guns and more guns. Every character here is flawed, many in a variety of ways, making the changes they experience stand out. Tons of people you'll love to hate, and some you'll love to watch if only because of how much of a badass they are.