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Sugoi Sugoi Sugoi
Original Manga N/A
Director/Artist Masahiro Ando
Format Anime (TV)
Made By P.A. Works
Episode Length 24 min.
# of Eps/Volumes 13 (TV)


Action, Drama, Mystery, Girls with Guns, Recommended Dub

Sum it up in a Sentence

While dispatched to Shanghai the titular Canaan, a young Middle Eastern mercenary, runs into her old friend and news photographer Maria Osawa; however it turns out they are both being targeted by a terrorist organization led by a mysterious woman from Canaan's past.


Two years after the events of the video game 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de, in which Shibuya was ravaged by a biological terrorist attack using the deadly Ua virus, the titular Canaan, a young Middle Eastern mercenary with an ability known as Synesthesia that allows her to enhance her already exceptional combat skills, is dispatched to Shanghai where she runs into her old friend Maria Osawa, who is now a news photographer. However the pair soon realize that they are being targeted by numerous groups, including a terrorist organization led by a mysterious woman from Canaan's past. In their resulting quest to ascertain the truth behind the Ua virus and stop their pursuers they meet many interesting friends and powerful enemies.

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Personal Opinions


I actually liked the show. Yes, it does require some suspension of disbelief, some willingness to stretch the limits of what a person with synesthesia is actually capable of. Having said that, the action scenes are pretty good, the characters are actually kind of interesting in their own little ways, and I even found myself liking the story. Go ahead and watch it, hopefully you'll like it as much as I did.


If you like action oriented shows or have a thing for "girls with guns" you will love this one. Unlike Noir, Canaan feels short but sweet. It has some really well animated action sequences and each character, from the main cast to the comic relief, really stands out. The only downside I think this show has is the plot is not very consistent and does suffer from a plot hole here and there. But if you can overlook that, jump in and give it a try and you will be in for a treat. Last note I want to mention is that the dub for this is certainly not bad, so you could potentially watch through this in dubbed for if you desire, although I enjoyed the Japanese voices more.