Chaika -The Coffin Princess-

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Chaika the Coffin Princess
Chaika anime.jpg
Original Light Novel Ichiro Sakaki
Director Souichi Masui
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Studio Bones
# of Episodes 22 (Two Seasons)


Fantasy, Action, Girls with Guns

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A mysterious girl with a magic rifle and an adorable speech pattern enlists two ninja-for-hire to help collect the remains of her dead father.

Main Description

The year is 1604, and the powerful Gaz Empire has crumbled in defeat. Its dark ruler, known as the Taboo Emperor, lays dead at the hands of heroic champions from across the land. After generations of war, peace has finally come to the continent of Verbist. Tohru Acura is a young former soldier who now wanders directionless in this newly peaceful world. In an unexpected twist of fate, Tohru has a chance encounter with a strange young girl carrying a coffin on her back. The young wizard calling herself Chaika claims to be the daughter of the once-feared Emperor Gaz. She seeks the scattered fragments of his body that were taken as trophies after the war, so that she may properly lay him to rest. Tohru eagerly offers his services to the girl in hopes of recapturing his lost sense of purpose, and the pair set off with Tohru's adopted sister Akari on their adventure. However, the embers of conflict still burn on the continent of Verbist, as those who scorn the tranquility of peace seek to stoke the flames of war once again...

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Personal Opinions


While not exactly a groundbreaking or Earth-shattering story, Chaika is certainly a confident production from talented people. Chaika boasts fun characters, excellent fight choreography, and just enough thematic weight to set it apart from every other generic disposable action-adventure show. What Chaika lacks in originality(several elements are even borrowed from Ichiro Sakaki’s previous work, Scrapped Princess), it more than makes up for in personality. Chaika herself is easily one of the most adorable heroines in recent memory, and the show itself is a veritable treasure trove of animated GIFs. While some individual characters and the ruminations on post-war malaise never quite get the conclusive resolutions that the story seemed to be promising, the story itself is an enjoyable roller-coaster of action-adventure fare that’s easy to get invested in. Chaika builds an interesting techno-magic fantasyland, fills it with enjoyable characters, and that’s pretty much all the show wanted to do. It’s hard to hold the lack of originality or complexity against it when the show is so good at delivering the basic fundamentals.