Change 123

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Change 123

Original Manga Iku Sakaguchi (writer)
Director/Artist Shiuri Iwasawa (artist)
Format Manga
Made By Akita Shoten (Champion Red)
Episode Length N/A
# of Eps/Volumes 12 volumes


Drama, Psychological, Action, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence

A story about a large-breasted girl with three extra personalities, all capable of kicking your ass in different ways.

Main Description

A loser otaku and Kamen Rider fanboy sees a girl getting harassed by a mean thug. You'd think this is the setup where the boy discovers some newfound power and saves her, right? Wrong! The girl ends up kicking the thug so hard he lands on the roof of a nearby car.

From that point on, the boy finds that the girl is named Motoko, and she seems to be a meek, nerdy girl at first. However, he later discovers that Motoko has three seperate personalities contained within her after her three "fathers" put her under different forms of intense training as a child: Hibiki, the hot-headed, tomboyish master of karate. Fujiko, the mild-mannered master of weaponry and speed. And Mikiri, the childish girl who also knows a great deal of jujitsu and submission techniques.

However, the two of them soon discover that there is a fourth personality, one simply known as "Zero," containing all of her repressed hatred and rage. Though Motoko has tried her best to keep the different personalities in check, there are other warriors trying to bring Zero to the surface for their own reasons.

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Personal Opinions


Being a Champion Red manga, there is a good deal of fanservice shoved in your face throughout each chapter. Having said that, the fighting is pretty good yet sort of manages to keep itself grounded by not having the characters end up throwing fireballs/ki blasts at each other, even in later chapters, unlike some shonen manga. On top of that, seeing the damsel-in-distress and hero roles being reversed is a nice change of pace. If you can deal with the fanservice and you are a fan of martial-arts manga, then you will like this one.