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The Claymore, Clare, tapping into her demon powers.
Original Manga Norihiro Yagi
Director/Artist Hiroyuki Tanaka
Format Anime (TV), Manga
Made By Madhouse
Episode Length 23 minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 26 (Anime)
18 (ongoing) (Manga)


Action, Drama, Fantasy, Medieval

Sum it up in a Sentence

Hybrid demon female warriors slay human gut-eating demons with their claymores.

Main Description

Claymore takes place in a Medieval Era world where purple-blooded demons called Yoma hide amongst the townsfolk, eventually killing them and eating their guts to satisfy their demonic hunger. A mysterious organization breeds half-human, half-yoma female warriors called Claymores, named after the large swords they carry, who are ordered to find and kill these demons in various towns. Apart from being more agile and adept at combat than human warriors, Claymores have an extra source of demonic powers that can be tapped into at anytime, which temporarily causes bodily disfigurations such as glowing eyes, sharper teeth, and popping veins. However, tapping too far into these powers can place a Claymore into an irreversible state that eventually turns them into an even deadlier Yoma. Early on, a Claymore named Clare saves a (whiny) boy named Raki from a Yoma, who then follows Clare on her journeys from town to town. The history of Clare's involvement with the organization is unveiled, and the series quickly picks up as secrets of the organization are unraveled and Clare's true intentions are revealed.

By reading Claymore you'll also learn as many European/Latin names and female haircuts as you can possibly imagine.

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Personal Opinions


I think the best way to describe Claymore is Berserk with a female cast. I recommend you read the comics since the TV Show is incomplete (again, just like Berserk...). This series is extremely Dark Fantasy, and features NO comic relief. It's really good, and has an... interesting pace to say the least, with plot twists happening every now and then, so it's hard to be bored reading it. Overall it's a very solid series.


This show fucking owns. The animation is well done and keeps all of the fights interesting to watch. The musical scores capture the tension and feeling throughout the show. Sure you have to sit through Raki's mediocre role from the get-go, but watching Yoma blood fly across the screen, limbs dropping left and right, and each warrior's fighting style makes every minor flaw totally worthwhile. Each Claymore is given a compelling story and well-thought-out dialogue to match their intense personalities. The well-written and independent Clare is the definition of a strong female character. Many of the scenarios can put you on the edge of your seat as you watch them physically and mentally battle with profusely bleeding wounds. Did I mention this show is gory? Because it is, and I wouldn't want it any other way. The last 2 episodes are a bummer, but I'd be damned if I didn't watch this series 3 times over.