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Dangaioh - Hyper Combat Unit

Original Manga
Director/Artist Toshihiro Hirano
Format Anime (OVA)
Made By AIC
Episode Length 45 minutes and 38 minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 3


Mecha, Sci-Fi, Action

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Psychic test subjects steal a super robot as they are escaping from the lab.

Main Description

Space pirates commission Prof. Tarsan to build them the greatest combat mecha. To this end, Prof. Tarsan kidnaps four espers from different worlds to be it's pilots. The espers are augmented and stripped of their memories to be cooperative, but the pilots soon begin to recall their memories and escape with the mecha. The professor soon joins the runaway espers, since the space pirates want him dead for failing to provide them with the mecha.

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Personal Opinions

Portable Staplefrog

Dangaioh I watched this to prepare for Super Robot Wars K along with a bunch of others that I either dropped of haven't finished yet. Dangaioh is a 3 episode OVA, so there wasn't much time for character development or a complex plot. What plot was there was original for its genre and it had had some neat ideas that I won't tell you about because this is a nonspoily thread. It felt like there should have also been a longer TV series, which I would have happily watched, but there wasn't. There was actually a related TV series, but it had nothing in common except for the titular mecha (or so I've heard). The animation was a little dated, but that is to be expected of old anime, and being an OVA, it looked better than TV contemporaries. The character and mechanical designs were good enough to make that irrelevant anyway. Overall, 4/5.


Dangaioh is a quintessential 80's mecha OAV. It's light on the plot, but it makes up for it in flashing lights, explosions, beautiful five tone shading, and fluid animation. It's all spectacle, but it's very good spectacle. Masami Obari was the mecha design, and his influence is felt throughout. 5/5


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