Ever 17: Out of Infinity

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Ever 17: Out of Infinity
Format Visual Novel
Made By KID
Platform PS2, Dreamcast, Windows
Language Japanese, English (official translation)
Year 2002 (English version 2005)


Sci-Fi, Romance Suspense

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Six people find themselves trapped in an underwater theme park and must find a way to escape before time runs out.

Main Description

On May 1, 2017, the underwater marine theme park LeMU is evacuated because of a serious accident. However, six individuals find themselves trapped in the lower levels of the complex, with no way to get out, and to make matters worse, they only have a few short days before the park collapses completely. You experience the story of these individuals from either the perspective of Takeshi Kuranari, an average college student going to the theme park with his friends, or a mysterious amnesiac known simply as 'the Kid.' As the story progresses they learn that it was no simple accident, but who caused it and for what purpose? Can they find an escape before time runs out? If they do manage to escape, what is waiting for them there?

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Personal Opinions


This game has some of the finest storytelling I've seen. The plot twist at the end is simply fantastic. The way the game is structured, the reader doesn't know what the fuck is going on for the majority of the game, but that just makes the huge reveal at the end all the better. This game dabbles in some philosophical concepts, but really focuses on the scientific approach to time, 4-dimensional space and such, so if that kind of stuff intrests you, you'll probably like this. The biggest turn-off to this game is probably large amount of slice of life stuff, but that really comes with any visual novel. This game is most definitely one of the best English visual novels, and probably the best with an official translation.