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Japan made sure sailor uniforms survived into the future.
Written By Yusuke Kishi (novel/manga)
Masashi Sogo (anime)
Illustrated By Toru Oikawa
Directed By Masashi Ishihama
Format Anime, Manga
Magazine Bessatsu Shounen Magazine
Made By A-1 Pictures
# of Episodes 25
# of Volumes 4 (ongoing)


Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Suspense

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Telekinetic kids in the future learn their utopia really isn't a utopia.

Main Description

Set in Japan a millennium after our present day, the story follows the lives of five children as they live and attend school in the peaceful village of Kamisu's 66th district. The children, Saki, Satoru, Maria, Mamoru, and Shun, have telekinetic powers like all humans do in their time, and learn to harness and hone these powers through the strict supervision of their school and society to ensure they integrate and act peacefully in their utopia-like world. Soon, the children, especially the girl Saki, begin to witness and question mysterious elements of their society, and soon plunge into discoveries meant to be censored and hidden about humanity's past.

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Personal Opinions


I was pleasantly surprised the show kept my interest the whole way through. By now I've gotten sick of most of these Hunger Games-esque stories about big-brother societies managing "sheeple" and blah blah social commentary, but I think the whole thing kept itself afloat with really good suspense and mystery about what their world was like without using a lot of exposition. In fact, the whole series was good in delivering spookiness because they do a good job holding you back from knowing exactly what or who the enemy is, and showing you just enough trippy visuals to make you draw your own scary conclusions.

The Devil Tesla

Engrossing, smart, and truly horrifying. Has a huge scope but feels cohesive and meaningful. At its best, it's hard to stop watching. There are a few lulls, generally whenever the cast is actually attending school, but you don't have to wait through too much gimicky, not serious cause it's gay romance before you get into interesting stuff like tribes of mole people and accidentally killing your family with your mind. Doesn't hurt that it looks great and is well directed.

It's not smart enough to be a true classic, and it might have been more fun if it let itself be stupid every once in a while, but wow there's too much good stuff here to miss.


While this didn't make the final list, I see this as one of the top 5 shows of 2013. It's a bold show that plays very seriously with its heavy themes (yes, even the aforementioned gay romance section [it's weirder than it sounds]) and is structured much more like a narrative than a show, complete with easily discernible acts, and is written extremely well. Usually, this would make for a less than entertaining show, but on the contrary it's suspense, mystery, and eventually horror, and combined with it's great visuals, directing, and music, allow it to stay consistently engrossing all the way through to the end.


Congratulations for finding this page you're in for one of the darkest shows I've seen in a decade. Suspenseful, mysterious and horrifying and combined with some great art and top notch music what more could you want. How it missed the top 10 list for 2013 is flabbergasting. Don't show this to kids they will have nightmares.