Gunsmith Cats

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Gunsmith Cats
The cover says it all
Original Manga Kenichi Sonoda
Director/Artist Takeshi Mori (OVA)
Format Anime (OVA)
Made By Kodansha
Episode Length 30 min.
# of Eps/Volumes 3 (OVA)
8 (Original Manga)
51 (Gunsmith Cats: Burst)


Action, Comedy, Girls with Guns, Recommended Dub

Sum it up in a Sentence

Follow the many adventures of Rally Vincent and her assistant May Hopkins as they work as bounty hunters in Chicago, Illinois while operating the titular "Gunsmith Cats" gun shop on the side.


Irene "Rally" Vincent, an expert markswoman and expert driver, operates the titular "Gunsmith Cats" gun shop in Chicago, Illinois with her assistant "Minnie" May Hopkins, an explosives expert and master of disguise. Their main source of income however, is working as bounty hunters, which is the impetus behind many of their adventures.

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Personal Opinions


A great series with lots of action and humor. In particular the attention to detail in everything from the guns, cars, and locations is absolutely incredible. My only complaint is that the OVA series felt too short, but I suppose there is always the 59 chapters of manga to read.


This series is seriously like TFR's wet dream. A ludicrous amount of research goes into the technical details of the series, and you can tell that the creator is having almost as much fun writing about all the crazy guns and explosives and cars as the characters are playing with them. Good times all around.


I checked this out because I, myself, is a huge huge gun nut. This show does deliver in terms of guns, action, and humor. It has a strong resemblance to 80s and 90s Hollywood cop/action flicks which is a nice throwback. Detail is the keyword for this since the studio actually came over to the US, since this is set in Chicago, to record the car sounds and took pictures of Chicago. The amount of details put into researching the firearms used is also very commendable and it's extremely accurate. I personally checked out the dub first for this show since the show is set in Chicago, which is just a habit I have for western themed shows when I need to decide on which audio track I want to use, to my surprise the dub is excellent. The DVD director's commentaries also said that the Japanese directors are very happy with the dub and US release, so I strongly recommend checking out the dub even if you are a subs elitist because this show just simply flows better in English.

Jigoku San

As other's have said this does action comedy and guns/car porn well. Back when I only have the Viz vol.1 and the OVA dvd I loved it, but after reading it all with the Dark Horse reprint and Burst, I'm dissapointed. The big problem is the overarching plot is presented way to seriously to be amusing and its way to stupid to be taken seriously. Burst takes this up a notch, and its apparent its just a "I gotta end this" from the opening arc. While it has a some nice set pieces where the GSC feel shines it really just rehashes the previous plot, only making it more retarded and giving it a terrible ending. Overall the series shined when it was over-the-top action comedy and if it had stuck to that I would call it a great series.