I Am A Hero

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I Am A Hero
Writer & Artist Kengo Hanazawa
Format Manga
Published by Shogakukan in Big Comic Spirits
Volumes 12


Drama, Psychological, Horror

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A down-on-his luck manga artist coping with psychological issues struggles with his world quite coming down around him.

Main Description

I Am A Hero stars Hideo Suzuki, a fairly crazy person who is also a manga artist and one of the few gun owners in Japan. He is an pretty generic looking nerd who keeps his rage pent up and winds up saying the stupidest things instead of what he's actually thinking, or thinking he said things that was actually all in his head and sees things that aren't there. He works in a small manga studio as an artist assistant after failing to create a smash hit of his own. He says very stupid things when drunk. He also dances amazingly.

He lives a fairly uneventual and uninteresting life for a thirty five year old; he has a fairly cute girlfriend he gets along with (though she's a very mean drunk and won't shut up about her ex), his career isn't especially taking off, and he seems to be by and large handling his copious psychological issues and delusions decent enough.

Except... something happens. Something that completely changes his life forever. Rather than bother trying to explain, read the first volume; by the time you complete it, you'll understand.

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Personal Opinions

Fiend Computer

If you haven't read I Am A Hero yet, stop reading this and go read the first part. To the end. Don't look up anything on it or read the wikipedia page, just go to whatever site you prefer and start reading. The series is great in that it is a breath of fresh air to the manga scene, putting someone who is entirely unprepared for what life throws at into suspenseful situations. Characters are unique and have notable motivations and plots. Really, just go give it a try.