Inferno Cop

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Inferno Cop
Supervisor Hiroyuki Imaishi
Director Akira Amemiya
Format Anime (ONA)
Made By Studio Trigger
# of Episodes 13
Episode Length A few minutes


Action, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Imashi and his Gainax-refugee friends still like Adult Swim-type western cartoons.

Main Description

A cop from hell takes revenge upon the Southern Cross gang of Jack Knife Edge Town for the murder of his family. You have just put more thought into this show's plot than the show itself will ever ask you to.

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Personal Opinions

Falls Down Stairs

Anime of the year 2013all years, forever.


Studio Trigger got bored and made something. And it was glorious.


This anime is stupid as hell and cheap as hell and short as hell and who cares.