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Original Manga Rumiko Takahashi
Director Masashi Ikeda
Yasunao Aoki
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Sunrise
# of Episodes 193 (TV)
4 movies


Action, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Shounen

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A modern day schoolgirl falls down a well and finds herself back in time in the Warring States era where monsters and evil humans struggle for control of a magical jewel that grants ultimate power.

Main Description

Kagome Higurashi seemed to be just a normal teenage girl until a monstrous youkai suddenly appeared and pulled her down an ancient well, which somehow caused her to time travel 500 years into the past. There she discovers that she is the reincarnation of a dead shrine maiden who once fought to protect the magical Shikon Jewel from youkai and humans who wanted to claim its immense powers. Although that shrine maiden took the jewel to the afterlife with her when she died, Kagome was reincarnated with it and has now brought it back from the future, leading to a new conflict. When the Shikon Jewel is accidentally shattered and its pieces spread across the land, the resposibility falls to Kagome to retrieve them all. Being unable to defend herself in this era of wars and monsters she reluctantly enlists the aid of Inuyasha, a doglike half-youkai. Inuyasha wants the Shikon Jewel for his own ambitions, but a magical binding allows Kagome to subdue him with a single command and thus keep him on a tight leash.

Inuyasha and Kagome are eventually joined by more companions in their quest: Shippo - a childish fox youkai, Miroku - the least virtuous Buddhist monk ever, and Sango - a professional youkai slayer. Together they travel across Warring States-era Japan searching for the pieces of the jewel and battling against those who want to use the jewel's power for evil.

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Personal Opinions

Keyboard Kid

Inuyasha is a bad show, plain and simple. The premise and to an extent the introduction (13ish episodes) might sound somewhat interesting but as soon as you've gotten past that it's one of the most generic things around. Once upon a time, I actually watched this show on TV. I watched more than 100 episodes of it, just because it was on and I was new to this anime thing. The show started okay, so it could get better, right? Nope! The pacing on this show is just terrible. The excuses to keep plotlines going are absolutely awful. The original plot is to recover all the pieces of this jewel. Then they find some pieces, it gets stolen several times, there are fake jewels, Naraku actually has four hundred forms and the show never ends. The author literally just convolutes the plot in the dumbest ways and creates forgettable one-shot characters that the show likes to pretend are important. The humor is flat, and the characters are one dimensional. Don't watch this.


Terrible show that manages to get good ratings due to teenage girls.


This is a charming fantasy adventure series. I rather like it myself, but I understand those who don't. The big downside to Inuyasha is that it's way too long with too much filler. The final season is actually pretty good because it condenses the last four years of the manga into only 26 episodes, somehow without seeming rushed.


I want to remind everyone that Inuyasha is so bad that even when it was Cartoon Network's biggest late-night show, they made advertisements specifically just to mock it. This show is a turd, for real.


I didn't actually hate this show for the first arc(?), like 15-20 episodes. It was an enjoyable, if generic, setting and Inuyasha was actually kind of an asshole. Then there is a big fight with the big bad, which ends up "inconclusive" and the show just spirals downward from there. Next thing you know there are all these characters that almost never get used, a whole bunch of stupid plot points and no character development at all. Then after 193 episodes you don't even get a real ending out of the show.


I was disappointed to say the least. The premise starts off good but Rumiko Takahashi tried to do her usual "Status Quo is God" and "there can be no real ending" style writing, which just doesn't work as well for the more serious action/romance story that she was trying to tell. It's inventive at first but as other people have pointed out, it goes on forever with countless filler. I read a good portion of the manga first and was happier with that but I stopped reading after awhile and never continued it because the whole idea still needed a tighter plot, with crisper pacing, to get the maximum entertainment value, IMHO. The main characters have potential (Inuyasha could have been a great anti-hero) and it's still worth a look if the idea piques your interest, just don't go in with high expectations.