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Original Manga NisiOisiN
Director/Artist Keitaro Motonaga
Format Anime (TV)
# of Episodes 12
Episode Length 50 mins


Action, Romance, Fantasy

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A female general of the Shogunate enlists the successor to a deadly martial arts style to collect the 12 legendary swords crafted by a master swordsmith.

Main Description

Shichika Yasuri and his sister Nanami have been living alone on the small, isolated island of Fushou for 20 years. Cut off from the world after the Shogunate banished their family, fearing the power of their unique "Kyotoryuu" school of swordsmanship. One day, the siblings receive a rare visitor to their tiny island. The mysterious woman introduces herself as Togame the Strategian, a samurai general in the employ of the Shogunate. Togame has come seeking the aide of Shichika's father, master swordsman and the 6th head of the Kyotoryuu style. However, Shichika reveals that his father has already passed away and that he has been named the next successor. Togame eventually convinces Shichika to accompany her on the journey to collect the "Deviant Blades", twelve legendary masterworks crafted by the eccentric and mysterious swordsmith, Shikizaki Kiki.

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Personal Opinions


Stylish, beautiful, and epic. The extended episode OVA format lends itself perfectly to the engrossing, albeit wordy, story. The characters are complex and dynamic and evolve in a way that makes them feel very real. However, the most remarkable feature has to be the stark contrast between its light, colorful, and almost comical presentation and its dark, intelligent plot that creates an engaging and surreal experience from start to finish.

a kitten

I love this series; from the whole visual aesthetic and animation, to the way the leads interact both with each and with the characters they meet on the journey. It uses its twelve episodes (of an hour each) to full effect and the plot develops well and moves along quickly, while still keeping the "monster of the week" format. Its deceptively cheerful looking and stylish exterior belies how dark the plot really is and I loved the contrast between those aspects. By no means is it all doom and gloom however, there are great moments of levity throughout. Be sure to watch the Next Episode previews!