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A.K.A. Princess Jellyfish.

alt Jellyfish Princess Title Card
Original Manga Akiko Higashimura
Director Takahiro Omori
Format Manga, Anime (TV)
Made By Brain's Base
Episode Length 24 Minutes
# of Episodes 11


Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A nerdy girl moves to Tokyo hoping to become a princess, but instead holes up in her room and becomes a recluse until a crossdressing rich dude saves a jellyfish from a pet store.

Main Description

Somewhere in life, Tsukimi went wrong. Her mom always told her that every girl grows up to be a princess, but instead, Tsukimi grew up to be a huge nerd over jellyfish. She can't handle crowds, she can't handle men, and she'll never be a beautiful princess her mom wanted her to be. But that's fine, because she has a group of close friends, and a place to live, and a hobby she loves. She just wants to live a lukewarm life with her friends at Amamizukan.

But then Tsukimi finds a jellyfish that is going to die due to a petshop owner's lack of knowledge on proper jellyfish care! Unable to bring herself to just let the jellyfish die, she has to speak out to the guy working in the shop and actually talk to him! Needless to say, it goes poorly, and he mistakes her for a burglar, until a friendly passersby offers to help out. She sorts things out for Tsukimi and even gets her to take the jellyfish home as a pet. But this new girl isn't exactly the nerdy type Tsukimi or her friends are used to, and after she decides Tsukimi is interesting, she begins hanging out every day.

Oh, and she's secretly a man, which obviously poses a problem for Tsukimi, since her apartment is women's only and everyone is really shy around them. A fun and surprisingly realistic adventure ensues, as the new girl (Kuranosuke/Kurako) begins visiting daily. Life is not always easy, and everyone has their flaws, but things usually work out.

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Personal Opinions


This show is so absolutely amazing. Every episode just keeps getting better until the very end, when instead of a finale it kind of has another regular episode and then tries to wrap everything up poorly, but that's my only real criticism. Tsukimi is a wonderful character and extremely easy to relate to. Her problems are simple, every day problems we've all experienced, albeit a bit more wacky and over the top than usual. I don't think I've ever seen such a hopeful, positive show, especially from a feminist perspective. Definitely one of my favorites.


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