Mahou Sensei Negima

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Mahou Sensei Negima
Negi Springfield (Left) and Asuna Kagurazaka (Right), along with several other Negima characters
Original Manga Ken Akamatsu
Director/Artist Nagisa Miyazaki
Format Manga
Made By Ken Akimatsu
Episode Length 25 minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 243


Action, Shounen, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance (Kinda), Harem

Sum it up in a Sentence:

10 year old mage/teacher Negi Springfield must help his students, while at the same time learning more about magic, avoiding problems and continuing the search for his father.

Main Description

Plot Summery

Graduating top of his class in a Welsh magic school, 10 year old Negi Springfield is assigned to teach English at a school in Japan. Upon ariving, he finds out that that school is Mahora Academy, an all-girls school. One of the first people he meets is Asuna Kagurazaka, a independent, no-nonsense 14-year-old student at the academy, who takes an immediate dislike to him. As such, she takes it rather poorly when she finds out he's her new homeroom teacher. As the year goes on, and Negi, as well as Asuna and the other members of class 2-A (eventually 3-A) go on adventures and find out that Mahora is not just a normal school. In addition, several of the students find out Negi's more than just a normal teacher, and become more deeply involved with his personal sidequest to find his father. Eventually this leads to fighting a vampire, time-traveling around the school festival, and entering the world of magic.

Major Characters

Negi Springfield

The main character, a 10 year old mage/Welshman/English Teacher/Class 3-A Homeroom Teacher. He's an optimist, even at times when all seems lost, and naive, being only 10, which leads to funny situations with the more suggestive moments. His specialty is Wind, Light, and Lightning magic, and when he sneezes, he's known to whip up gusts of wind that flip skirts, or rip off clothing at close range.

Asuna Kagurazaka

The first person Negi meets at Mahora. Originally, she hates him, stating that she can't stand "brats". As such, she becomes rather angry when Negi is appointed as her homeroom teacher and houseguest. As time goes on, she warms to him, becoming one of his Ministra Magi and constantly helping him in battle. Despite her protestations that she is in love with another teacher, Takamichi, there is speculation that she's actually in love with Negi. She also spent time with Nagi Springfield, Negi's father, at one point in the recent past, which may have an effect on future events.

Minor Characters

Nagi Springfield

Negi's Father, who mysteriously disappeared 10 years ago. Also known as the Thousand Master, due to the Thousand spells he supposedly knew (though some mistranslations say that he's the Southern Master, most notably one volume of Del Ray's release). When shown in flashbacks, he seems to be the exact opposite of Negi. Whereas Negi, while hot-headed, is also cool, rational, and thoughtful, Nagi is more of a Kamina type, rushing in because he expects that everything's going to work out.

Konoka Konoe

Granddaughter of the the dean of Mahora Academy and Negi and Asuna's roommate.

Setsuna Sakurazaki

Konaka's childhood friend and retainer. A skilled swordsman of the Shinmeiryuu school of swordsmanship. Her feelings for Konaka tend to border on romantic.

Nodoka Miyazaki

A shy and quiet bookworm. Nodoka's crush on Negi helps her slowly come out of her shell.

Evangeline A.K. McDowell

A powerful Shinso(Pure-blood) vampire. Feared in the magic world as the "Dark Evangel", "Girl Queen of Darkness" and "Magus Nosferatu", she was imprisoned on the Mahora Academy campus by the Thousand Master.

Kotaro Inugami

10-year-old half-demon and Negi's closest friend and rival.

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Personal Opinions


Honestly, a pretty great series, and a definite step up from the already pretty good Love Hina. The fanservice reaches kinda creepy levels at times, especially considering the oldest of the regular characters are only 15 as of the latest chapters, but it gets much, much rarer as the series goes on. Also does a decent job of combining the comedy and fighting/shonen aspects, much like Dragonball did early on. A few of the arcs do reach "Are they still on Namek" levels of length, especially the Festival arc, but rarely is there an unsatisfying conclusion to a storyline.


At first, this series looks like a typical 'Harem/Romance Comedy' only made creepier because the main character is like 10 years old. However, after the first 30 or so chapters it starts a slow shift into Shounen. Eventually it loses most of its Romance aspects and becomes a strange 'Harem/Shounen Comedy' mashup that manages to work. One of the interesting things the author likes to do is subvert/invert common Shounen cliches. The biggest one probably being the entire Hero/Lancer(Sidekick) dynamic. With the Hero being the Intelligent/Hard-Working/Angsty Guy with father issues, while the Lancer is a Idiot/Determinator/Ordinary-High-School-Student. Overall the series is a satisfying and fun read if you can get past the mediocre beginning and inexplicable fanservice.

Also the animal mascot is always smoking a cigarette and I giggle every time I see it.