Patlabor: The Movie

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Patlabor: The Movie / Patlabor 1 (alt. title)
Original Manga N/A
Director/Artist Mamoru Oshii
Format Anime (Movie)
Made By Bandai, Studio Deen, Tohokushinsha Film
Episode Length 83 minutes
# of Eps/Volumes N/A


Drama, Sci-Fi, Action, Mecha

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A futuristic special mecha police unit investigates in the cause of mecha going berserk.

Main Description

Mecha (called "labors") are virtually ubiquitous in the world of Patlabor, to the point that there's a special police unit dealing with labor crime. Patlabor 1 follows the events that transpire shortly after the release of a new labor operating system (and coincidentally, the death of its lead programmer). Shortly after the widespread adoption of the new operating system, reports of labors going berserk start coming in - apparently caused by a virus engineered into the OS by its now-deceased architect. But were a few isolated incidents really the scope of his diabolical plan? Most likely not, which is why the Tokyo Metropolitan Police is frantically trying to figure out what will trigger a berserk labors en masse, and (hopefully,) to prevent it, or at the very least to buy some time for software experts to figure out how to disable the virus.

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Personal Opinions


Unlike most mecha anime, Patlabor isn't really centered heavily around the mecha - in fact, it's mostly character-driven. The mecha are just tools, used in a variety of industrial and municipal jobs, added seemingly as an afterthought. If the whole "computer virus" plot seems cliche and overused, keep in mind that this anime is probably one of the first (if not the first) to do it.