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A man going too fast for the artist to capture.
Original Manga N/A
Director Takeshi Koike
Format Anime (Movie)
Made By Madhouse
Duration 102 minutes


Action, Sci-Fi, Sports

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Weaponized F-Zero is orbital-dropped into a cyborg warzone.

Main Description

In a hyper violent future where dog-people and rockabillies co-exist, "Sweet" JP is putting it all on the line to win the Redline. When the Redline starts, the world stops. It is the ultimate, rulefree, racing competition for daredevils with way too fast cars. JP has the speed and the crazy covered, but there's no shortage of colourful maniacs standing in his way.

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Personal Opinions


Redline is a sensory overload of super fluid animation, high octane music, higher octane cars, huge explosions and gratuitous attire. It comes front loaded, spends the second act reloading and then explodes in your face for the third act. Movies don't often make me grin like an idiot, but it came easy for Redline. It reminded me of the only redeeming part of the second star wars trilogy, the pod racing. Replace the pods with cars, the sand hobos with a robot regime, the racers with interesting people, then make the whole flick about that.