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Original Manga Nobuyuki Fukumoto
Director Yuzo Sato
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Madhouse
Episode Length 24 minutes
# of Episodes 26


Sports, Psychological, Gambling


A young, brave teenager appears out of nowhere in a mahjong parlor where he quickly learns that he has a natural talent for the game. He learns the ins and outs of mahjong so quickly that he quickly becomes a mahjong legend.

Main Description

After playing a life-or-death game of chicken involving a car and an ocean-side cliff, 13 year old Shigeru Akagi enters a Yakuza Mahjong parlor in order to escape the cops and the rain. Unfamiliar with the rules of Mahjong, he quickly picks up the rules with his innate gambling intuition, managing to save the life of Nangou, a small time gambler deep in debt. By the time the night ends, Akagi leaves the parlor recognized an undefeatable gaming genius.

Five years later, he is drawn back into the underworld, drawn into games of incredible risk and reward.

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Personal Opinions


Akagi isn't a show about mahjong, and it's not really a show about yakuza. Akagi is a show about the main character: Akagi, and how he's a total badass. He shows his lack of fear and cool calculating mind in the direst of situations. The show is like Kaiji except with a very strong lead as opposed to a very weak one. Similar to One Outs in feel, but better.


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