Heartcatch Precure!

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Heartcatch Precure!
Director/Artist Tatsuya Nagamine
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Toei Animation, J.C. Staff
# of Eps/Volumes 49 Eps, 1 Movie


Magical Girl, Shoujo, Action

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Girls with magical powers fight monsters and teach hapless bystanders life lessons.

Main Description

Hanasaki Tsubomi is a shy girl who loves flowers. After her family moves to a new town to open a flower shop, she vows to change and become more outgoing. She quickly becomes friends with the energetic captain of the fashion club, Kurumi Erika, whose family happens to own the clothing shop nextdoor. One day she dreams of a huge flowering tree, under attack by a mysterious masked-man and a woman in black. When the tree is damaged in the attack, two fairies are dispatched to seek out the legendary warrior, Pretty Cure.

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Personal Opinions


Heartcatch is prob­ably the closest anything's ever come to being a Super Robot Show for girls. The slightly exag­ger­ated char­ac­ter designs and bright visu­als give the show a colorful and upbeat tone. The char­ac­ters are a little cliché(Shy glasses-girl, pushy genki-girl, self-conscious tom­boy), but they’re believ­able and their inter­ac­tions seem genu­ine. They also exhibit a fair amount of growth through­out the story. The story itself is well… stand­ard magical girl fare. The plot is simple, lin­ear and advances at a snail’s pace. The vil­lains are mostly incompetent and the mas­cot char­ac­ters are pretty annoy­ing. The transformation sequences and attack animations are bright, flashy and completely awesome. The clear standout of its franchise, Heartcatch is rather well-constructed, executed, and fun for what is essentially a series of 20-minute commercials for girls' toys.