Itazura na Kiss

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Itazura na Kiss
Itazura na Kiss.jpg
One of these characters is a huge bitch.
Original Manga Kaoru Tada
Director Osamu Yamazaki
Format Anime (TV), Manga
Made By TMS Entertainment
# of Episodes 25
# of Manga Volumes 23


Romance, Comedy, Drama, Shoujo

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Your average, cutesy shoujo girl lives out her fantasy life with a cold, heartless dick of a man.

Main Description

Kotoko Aihara is a sweet and simple girl who, like every teenager, falls in love with someone at school. This someone is Naoki Irie and he is perfect in pretty much everything. Kotoko, however, is not. Her high school ranks and places students by how good their grades are and Kotoko is in Class F while Naoki is in Class A. Kotoko is also clumsy while Naoki is good at sports. Nevertheless, Kotoko still chases after Naoki despite her own shortcomings and even after a cold, face-to-face rejection from Naoki himself. Just when Kotoko thinks it can't get any worse, an earthquake renders Kotoko's home uninhabitable. Her dad, however, happens to find temporary shelter with his good friend who is well-off and takes Kotoko and her dad in. It turns out, this friend is Naoki's father and now Kotoko must live under the same roof as Naoki!

The rest of the series then follows Kotoko's life and relationship matters as she grows up beyond high school and college.

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Personal Opinions


Believe me when I say this series moves at the speed of light compared to most other rom-coms. This is both good and bad because while it's refreshing not to be caught up with half the series dealing with little to no progression, you also wish they'd spend more time elaborating on some of the important chapters or interactions of the main characters' lives that they just kinda "yadda yadda" over with a happy ending. The story also takes the view from Kotoko pretty much all of the time. What gets me about this is that there's very few instances where we can see Naoki develop and makes him kind of frustrating to watch. He's an archetypal shoujo dreamboat that doesn't explain much why he even likes the main girl or why he does the things he does. Still, Kotoko's antics and optimism makes it up by providing the comedy and every victory is sweet. --Willsun 10:10, 25 May 2011 (UTC)