Perfect Blue

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Perfect Blue
Original Manga none
Director Satoshi Kon
Format Anime (Movie)
Made By Madhouse
Length 80 minutes


Psychological, Suspense, Mystery

Sum it up in a Sentence

While being stalked by a fan, a pop idol turned actress begins to question her own sanity.

Main Description

The movie begins with Mima, a member of the pop idol group CHAM, leaving the group to pursue an acting career. This move, and the exploitative photos and movies anger many of her fans, including a stalker by the name of Me-Mania. When people around her start turning up dead, Mima begins to lose her grip on sanity and her reality becomes tangled up with movies and delusions.

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Personal Opinions

Food Court Druid

This is one of my favourite movies, animated or otherwise. At it's core Perfect Blue is a tight psychological thriller, but there are also elements of an experimental and thorough mindfuck, a critique of the idol industry and general sexism in society, and perhaps most importantly a human story about ambition and exploitation. There are tons of unexpected turns in the plot, and even after the movie ends you'll be wondering what exactly happened. Highly recommended.

a kitten

The way Kon twists and turns reality, delusion, insanity and fantasy in this film is really nothing short of remarkable. Despite some of the animation not being all that great it is so well directed that at times it's almost literally breathtaking. Highly recommended to any fan of well crafted thrillers. The only downside to watching it is being reminded that with Satoshi Kon's early death the world lost one of its finest directors.