Silver Spoon

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Silver Spoon
Silver Spoon.png
Original Manga Hiromu Arakawa
Director Tomohiko Ito, Kotomi Deai
Format Anime (TV), Manga
Made By A-1 Productions
# of Episodes 11 (Season 1)
11 (Season 2)
# of Manga Volumes 8 (ongoing)


Comedy, Educational, Horses in Anime, Slice of Life

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A guy trying to find his purpose in life by attending an agricultural high school and learning about farms.

Main Description

Yugo Hachiken enrolls in Yezo Agricultural High School in Hokkaido after failing to get accepted to his first choice, assuming that an agricultural high school would be easygoing and give him more time to prepare for college. He is, however, met with a culture shock when he is thrown headfirst into the strict demands of both the courses and the manual labor required of him, as well as finding out he is outclassed by his classmates in a number of subjects despite his own academic prowess. As he adjusts to life at Yezo High, he soon makes more friends due to his reliable and charitable nature to help those in need. This allows to take a look into his classmates' lives and their struggles, and forces him to reflect on what he intends to do with his own life as he continues to pass the school year and deal with the seasons, the animals, and even his own family.

Also there's horses.

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Personal Opinions


Farm life in a manga/anime. If learning about farm things don't interest you, then you'll be bored. Remember though, that "farm things" include food and animals and the series gives plenty of that. There are also strands of drama and story, but they typically run second to the episodic adventures of Hachiken (read: you) learning things. I think it's a good balance of mixing in mild romance, comedy, and drama to give the characters depth, and a reason for you to keep going. I recommend this if you need more things to read/watch since it's easy to pick up and leave off at your own leisure.


Okay, so I have only watched the anime so far, but it's been very good. What I appreciate is that its narrative is framed through the outsider character in the form of Hachiken, but it never comes off as mocking either him or the other characters who are more familiar with farm life. In general it stays very low-key in its tone and episodic in its structure, so I didn't mind watching a little of it out of order. There is also an episode that recreates The Great Escape, which is pretty fun.


The manga is incredibly chill, and very relaxing. It's a fun and enjoyable manga.


Turns out this manga is loosely based off the Fullmetal Alchemist manga-ka's life growing up on the farm, which adds an interesting viewpoint to agricultural life that you don't often see represented in TV, let alone anime. If you're going into this show expecting the second coming of FMA, like a few of my friends did, you will be disappointed. However, if you want a chill slice-of-life that teaches you a few facts about farm life, then this will be a good show to watch.