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For only the truest horse/ musclebeast fanboys and fangirls out there. Animes with high grade horse content

as a horse otaku,


Fist of the North Star has the best horse in horseanime with THE BLACK KING, Kokuougou, from Fist of the North Star. That horse is STRONG and kills like a thousand dudes on his own. It also shows up in Cromartie High School to help Freddy Mercury get around campus. Second is probably Fuun Saiki from G Gundam. It's a horse that is a martial artist and can pilot a flying robot horse I mean come ON. He's even the senpai to the series' protagonist, Domon Kasshu, by preceeding him in entry in the School of the Undefeated of the East. In a more classic setting, The Rose of Versailles involves a lot of horseback action (horsebacktion), though the horses seldom fit into the overall narrative. One of the protagonists is a stable keeper though!


Horse otaku, if you are anything like me the only thing you like more than a sweet-ass horse is a sweet-ass car (or motorcycle). Unfortunately you are pretty hard-pressed to find an anime that has both horses AND cars but the show Sengoku Basara takes a horse and adds a sweet exhaust system to it; Handlebars too but most of my sweet-ass cars don't have handlebars. overall a quick review of Sengoku Basara Horse: 9/10 Cars 8.5/10 Oh there was a horse in Revolutionary Girl Utena I think. But no cars. edit: there was a car.


Horses ranked in order of coolness.

Mecha Gojira

My favorite anime horse moment was that time in Char's Counterattack when Amuro jumped from a moving jeep to knock Char off his horse. Then they rolled around and yelled at each other. That was pretty cool. I think they ended up having to catch the runaway horse with the Hobby Hizack. No wait, misremembering. But that would have been cool.


K-On!, the smash hit anime of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (movie anyone?) and soon 2012, features Hokagou Tea Time bassist and vocalist Mio Akiyama in a horse costume. While not a real horse per se, the fursuit still deserves an honorable mention for its remarkable quality and it will require you a second or third look before you realize that yes, this wonderful equine is in fact a human. The costume can be seen in episode 8 of season 1 and episode 1 of season 2.

Bestial Acts

The greatest horse in anime is Bucephalus in Reign: The Conqueror. Based loosely on Alexander the Great's actual horse, Bucephalus wears pretty sweet horse armor and eats a ton of soldiers for Alexander. Alexander heard a man-eating horse was in the countryside, so he hired some peasants to get eaten and they stared at each other and were best friends forever.

Also of note is the tiny horse from Zatch Bell. He was the most adorable horse.


Lelouch horse.gif


Obviously, the truest expression of the majesty of horses in anime is this video.

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