The Rose of Versailles

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The Rose of Versailles
Original Manga Riyoko Ikeda
Director Tadao Nagahama, Osamu Dezaki
Format Anime (TV), Manga
Made By Tōkyō Movie Shinsha
# of Episodes 40


Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A girl born to the nobility is raised as a man by her General father, and leads the Palace Guard for the French Royal Family in the years leading up to the French Revolution.

Main Description

Oscar François de Jarjayes is born to a French General. Distraught that he has only daughters and no son to carry his line, he decides to raise Oscar as a boy instead. Oscar grows up to be a incredibly talented and willful youth alongside her commoner friend and servant André Grandier.

After joining the Palace Guard, Oscar finds herself thrust into the midst of chaotic mess of court politics, international intrigue, and domestic troubles, befriending the new to the court Marie Antoinette and others, while doing her best to defend the royal family from the degenerating political situation as the country is seized by revolution.

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Personal Opinions


The Rose of Versailles is ABSURDLY good. Like it's easy to go "oh it's some old anime for girls about French royalty, whatever" but the thing is: it's really fucking good. It's a relatively historical and even-handed story of an unconventional and dynamic woman who takes a traditional "male" role in life and owns it, navigating the various troubles that would assault someone in such a position. The Rose of Versailles has a lot of interesting characters, and their interactions are pretty superb. Obviously the story leads towards a relatively natural outcome (Marie Antoinette is one of the main characters), and ultimate handling of it is very balanced and even historical. It's legitimately one of my favorite anime period, and I cannot recommend it more.